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Remote asset monitoring? It's now within reach.

Until recently, the technology for remote asset tracking has been cost-prohibitive for all but the most high-value assets. But now, as the cost comes down, the visibility, efficiency and security that asset tracking delivers is accessible to a wider range of assets and applications than ever before. Whether you operate trailers, containers, chassis, port equipment or other mobile or stationary assets, come see how the ROI finally makes sense for the assets you’re not tracking today.  




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In this webinar, you'll learn how:

•  Shipping lines create transparency with customers by sharing container visibility with shippers and BCOs.

• Construction companies protect valuable tools and equipment against theft or loss and increase efficiency by identifying idle assets and getting them back into rotation.

•  Container and trailer leasing companies optimize the lifespan of their assets with data-driven maintenance scheduling and minimize cargo loss by monitoring assets for unauthorized movements and misuse.

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On-Demand Webinar 

Satellite IoT: driving growth for industrial solution providers

Satellite IoT technology is evolving rapidly, becoming faster, more powerful and more affordable. And the market for industrial IoT solutions is booming, with double-digit compound annual growth rates predicted as more users embrace digitalisation. In the coming years, industrial IoT solutions will increasingly be deployed to address some of the biggest challenges on the planet. Whether it’s optimising agricultural production, reducing carbon emissions, ensuring responsible fishing practices or minimising the environmental impact of resource extraction, the growth opportunities for system integrators and industrial IoT solution providers will be endless.

In this webinar, we’ll walk you through:

•  Recent advances in satellite IoT technology
•  How the next generation of satellite services will provide exciting growth opportunities for industrial IoT solution providers
•  The industries that are poised to gain the most from satellite IoT technology
•  The convergence of cellular and satellite into seamless, always-on global IoT connectivity
•  Examples of use cases with higher data usage and large message sizes as well as low-cost, low-data usage applications that are becoming increasingly viable as prices decrease
•  The importance of regulatory footprint in the satellite IoT industry, and its impact on building industrial IoT solutions across borders 

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